Kelmikerhon Äänessä aina

Petname : Sami

Pure siamese pedigree. 

Born 20/4-08

What a dream this boy is!

We are so happy with this boy.Sami has the most fantastic temperament.And i love his long slender body and high legs. Sami’s favorite things in the world is to cuddle and talk,he talks while he walks,he talks while he plays and  i am sure he someday will talk in his sleep too ;-)

His name Äänessä aina means ”always talking” What a surprise...

Thank you Eija for this wonderful fantastic boy.We love him so much.




3 months old and just moved in

Mum: FIN*Kelmikerhon Vietellen                    Dad: FIN*Kelmikerhon Yxi poica ombi

Sami with his mother


Soo cute.