Welcome to our cattery.

My name is Line,im 39 years and live in Krokstadelva,Norway,

together with my family (Knut,and our three kids age 11,15 and 16y) and our six siamese cats.

We are a small cattery and will only raise 1– 2 litters per year. Our aim is to breed healthy,happy and well sosialised kittens.Our siamese cats have only siamese in their pedigree.(minimum 9 generations of purebred siamese,FIFe) We do not cage our cats and the kittens grow up fully integrated in the family.As do the studs.

I have always loved cats and breeding siamese cats is a dream come true. I grew up with domestic cats and also a persian.  In 2005 we started looking on internett for different cat breeds. I found this georgous siamese male at a breeders website and thought it was the most beautiful cat i had ever seen. We started reading alot about them and found out they had to be the perfect match to us. If it were true all that was written about then we knew we would have found the catbreed for us. And it was….They are everything thats written about them and when you get one you are hooked for life.

As we are.

I hope you will enjoy looking at my precious babies.




Text Box: A kitten from our cattery is :
*Registrated in NRR/FIFe with a five generation pedigree.
*Is ready to leave for its new home around 14– 16 weeks of age.
*Comes with a kittenpack of food and toys.
*Comes with a health certificate from veterinarian.
*Is vaccinated with Fel-o-Vax PCT.
* The kittens parents are tested for Fiv and Felv. PRA ,Giardia and TF. 
* Comes with a lifetime of  support.

Some family and home photos