(N)Purplehaze Dark Deeds,sia h.

Pure siamese pedigree-

Born 25/-05

Petname : Josefine. Was collected in Stavanger and is the mother of our 1st  and 3rd litter.She has a super temperament and is such a fantastic mum.She absolutely adore babies and are always there for our other queens,supporting with both washing,loving and even milk.

Josefine is the one who watches over the cat family and always takes care of everyone.

Thank you so much Terje and Laila for this little tortie.

Fiv/FeLV negativ (april-08)




Baby Josefine with Sofus

(N)Purplehaze Dark Deeds

Josefine supporting Mus and her babies

Mum: GIC Mafdet Dusktilldawn                     Dad: GIC (N)Purplehaze Carte Blanche